The playfit® equipment system has been used over recent years for many communal spaces, e.g. in public parks. Social facilities, including retirement homes and workshops for disabled people, as well as in clinics and other health institutions such as housing associations have also benefited from this product range by fitting out their outdoor facilities with playfit® equipment. Thanks to the simple design, the equipment easily blends into its surroundings and stands out as a result of the design quality.


The wide range of functions makes this equipment particularly versatile. It can be used by a range of user groups in many environments, including:

Public parks and other open spaces

  • In fitness parks for all ages aimed at both locals and tourists
  • As a pioneering movement in reaction to the demographic change in our societies
  • As a place for movement and communication between generations and nationalities
  • As a recreational park for all the family

Sport facilities and sports clubs

  • As a versatile addition to an existing range of sports equipment.
  • As a challenging preventative warm-up method for athletes in addition to their regular training programme, for stretching and relaxing the muscles.
  • As a tool for owners to recruit new members, e.g. as an introductory offer for less sporty people.

Exercise equipment for the elderly

As an effective exercise equipment for those in retirement homes and their visitors

  • To improve vitality motor skills in day-to-day life
  • To promote social connection and improve quality of life
  • Last but not least, for use in fall and injury prevention

Residential complexes (housing associations)

  • To increase the appeal of outdoor facilities
  • As an integral focal point of a building complex where neighbours can meet, get to know each other and enjoy getting active

Rehabilitation and treatment clinics

  • As support equipment to facilitate recovery outdoors in the context of full body rehabilitation programmes
  • As part of a guided fitness programme in the context of additional training aided by specialists, such as physical therapists, Nordic walking instructors, etc.

On company premises

  • As a pioneering approach to combining work and health (high usage/low expenditure)
  • As a supplement to an occupational health management programme
  • To increase well-being and performance and resistance to stress
  • To quickly improve concentration

In wellness hotels, leisure centres and recreational parks

As an appealing and varied addition to leisure facilities, such as facilities for playing bowls, paddling pools, outdoor chess facilities and barbecue areas.


Regardless of the place of use, the installation of this playfit outdoor fitness equipment is advantageous for all parties involved for several reasons:


To increase the appeal of any given location (public areas/facilities)

Improvement of amenities

As a free and social exercise option that does not require any form of commitment or preparation, and can be practised in any type of clothing, all year round.

To connect people

A sensible reaction to the recent and future requirements of out society with regard to demographic changes – not least as an important contribution to the movement to connect elderly people with one another.


To support the promotion of social relationships and positive cohabitation between all citizens, as well as to open up a dialogue between generations and nationalities.


As a contribution to preventative measures against health problems in society