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Outdoor Sports Equipment – Fitness exercises for groups and individual training

It is no secret that exercising outdoors is extremely healthy. For this reason, many cities, municipalities and institutions no longer rely solely on providing walking paths and parks, but also offer modern training courses for all age groups.

To create an attractive outdoor fitness park, playfit® offers a diverse selection of cross-generational training equipment to maintain everyday mobility, build muscles and strengthen all parts of the body with a wide range of difficulty levels.

The playfit® range of outdoor fitness equipment is divided into five main training areas: Stamina, Coordination, Strength, Mobility and Fascia Training.

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Professional support in planning your outdoor sports equipment.

Do you have a vision or already concrete ideas as well as a suitable location? Our experienced team will be happy to support you in planning your fitness park!

No matter whether you want to upgrade an existing fitness area with the help of some selected outdoor strength training equipment or build a completely new course, together we will realise your wishes and ideas:

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Identifying the target group
Children, adults, recreational athletes, seniors, people with disabilities, individual training or fun in a group. The design of your playfit® fitness park is based on the people it is intended for.

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Comprehensive product advice
We will, of course, provide you with detailed information on the equipment variants and functions of our sports equipment.

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Regarding the use and safety of the high-quality fitness equipment: For a risk-free workout, each playfit® piece of equipment has its own information sign explaining the use and the movement sequence with the help of comprehensible illustrations.

Guiding principle icon - visualisation - with a clipboard, ruler and pencil .

Depending on the location and target group, it can make sense to divide the fitness park into different areas so that, for example, senior citizens can go through an exercise programme tailored to their needs, while ambitious athletes can train specific muscle groups in another area.
A 2-D visualisation depicts your project in advance, making it easier to place the individual pieces of equipment, including the necessary safety distances.

Enquire and order outdoor sports equipment now

Whether it’s individual pieces of gymnastics equipment to upgrade an existing facility, a special group of equipment for a specific target group or an intergenerational outdoor sports course for popular sports: with playfit® you can set up your own fitness park that meets your needs and requirements. Benefit from the professional advice of experienced fitness experts with a comprehensive planning service and from durable, stable equipment.

For questions and detailed information, our friendly team is always available by phone or online.