Roter Balken mit der Bereichsüberschrift - Margit Budde

Margit Budde

Senior fencing champion of 2014. In 2000, Margit Budde was appointed as the Vice President of Recreational Sports on the Board of Directors for the German Fencing Association. The former Vice President of the German Fencing Association has notched up a number of successes as an active fencer, winning four silver and two bronze medals in the German Senior Fencing Championship. She has also taken part in the European Fencing Championships several times, winning two bronze, two silver and one gold medal.

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“The high-quality equipment systems offered by playfit® provide a challenging and versatile workout. As someone with extensive experience in the field of sports development, I could see straight away the benefits of each of these pieces of equipment, which can be used to practice sports and strength-oriented exercises, but also offer a range of exercises for less experienced users. The design and high levels of quality and functionality of this equipment provide a challenging workout, making the equipment suitable for all user groups, regardless of age and level of fitness. The playfit® fitness parks in particular are suitable for users of every age group. The outdoor equipment in this range can be used to improve stamina, coordination and fitness, and offers the additional benefits of training outside in the fresh air. The pieces of equipment are perfectly combined to provide a range of exercises, offering hours of fun for people of all age groups.”

Hamburg, February 2016

Roter Balken mit der Bereichsüberschrift - Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider

Following teaching positions at the German Sport University Cologne and the University of Hamburg, renowned sports scientist Professor Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider taught in the field of sports for over 25 years at the Sports Department of the University of Paderborn. Professor Brettschneider is a reputed scientist both in Germany and internationally, and has received multiple awards for his prominent research in the field of sports science.

Prof. Brettschneider has also acted as a special adviser to the German Research Foundation. In 2010, he received the AIESEP 2010 IOC President’s Prize, from the International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He was also the Founding Director of the Institute of Sports Science in Doha, Qatar.

Kleine Fotomontage mit 3 Fotos von Herrn Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider einem ehemaligen Hochleistungssportler und Autor

“Scientific evidence and research from the field of neuroscience indicate that no matter what your age, exercise can give you a new lease of life and help keep both your body and brain in good condition. playfit®‘s range of equipment has a stimulating effect, both in terms of its function and appearance, and enables people of all ages to benefit from regular exercise, thanks to the wide range of training exercises that can be practised on each piece of equipment. The equipment improves the condition of both the body and the brain; regular workouts can improve both mental and physical performance, so now there’s double the motivation to get moving! For this reason, I recommend the highly impressive and versatile system offered by playfit®.”

Paderborn, March 2016

Roter Balken mit der Bereichsüberschrift - Kurt Bendlin

Kurt Bendlin

Qualified sports instructor, world record holder in decathlon and bronze medal winner at the Olympic Games in Mexico City. Head of Sports and Training at Nixdorf Computer AG in Paderborn from 1979 to 1990. Since 1977, Mr Bendlin has been in charge of organising outdoor training sessions for corporate managers. Management Consultant for sports, training and fitness. Author of Fitness für Manager [Fitness for Managers].

Kleine Fotomontage mit 3 Fotos von Kurt Bendlin, einem ehemaligen Weltrekordler, Hochleistungssportler und Sportlehrer

“From my point of view, playfit®‘s range of outdoor fitness equipment provides a systematic fitness programs that is highly suitable for people of all ages, from sports fanatics to complete beginners. I am very impressed with the excellent level of quality and functionality and also find the design very appealing. The end result is a challenging workout for all users. Even as an experienced competitive athlete, I find the range of equipment particularly interesting thanks to its versatile usage potential. Users will have a lot of fun working out at their own pace, in the fresh air, and in a nopressure environment.”

Bad Malente, March 2016

Roter Balken mit der Bereichsüberschrift - Beat Schorno

Beat Schorno

As a qualified Sports Physiotherapist, Beat Schorno has worked with competitive athletes from a variety of disciplines, including track and field, football and fencing, at both a national and international championship level. Mr Schorno worked for 10 years in the Physiotherapy Department at the Schwyz Clinic in Switzerland and has been the Co-owner of athletics sportconsulting GmbH since 2007. This sports marketing agency, based in Lucerne, organises the SwissCityMarathon in Lucerne, and is involved in various sports, health and fitness projects, carrying out numerous tasks in a range of capacities.

Ein Foto auf roten Hintergrund von Beat Schorno einem Sportwissenschaftler

“Sports and exercise should be part of everyone’s life! Workouts don’t always have to be performance-orientated. Consistency, fun, connecting with others and simplicity are all important criteria for a good workout. playfit® have managed to cover all these bases with their philosophy and equipment design. I’m really impressed and I’m a big fan of playfit®! The high quality of the equipment combined with a great look have left me with a very positive impression of these products.”

Luzern, March 2016

Roter Balken mit der Bereichsüberschrift - Mag. Michael Löscher einem Sportwissenschaftler

Mag. Michael Löscher

Sports scientist, winner of several German decathlon championships and fitness expert. As Head of Sports Sciences at Runnersfun Consulting GmbH, Mr Löscher has been creating successful concepts for community centres, tourism associations, sports clubs and public sports facilities. His aim is to break down the barriers preventing people from getting involved in sports and to create a range of personalised options to get people moving. Alongside extensive scientific research on the changing patterns of behaviour in our modern society and sociodemographic change, the so-called “sensomotory principle” is one of his most important tools.

Ein Foto auf roten Hintergrund von Mag. Michael Löscher einem Sportwissenschaftler

“As a result of many years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I have spent a long time studying how to solve the problem of motivation as barrier preventing people from exercising and working on appropriate solutions to get people moving.
The playfit® system provides an ideal mix of equipment and options for motivating people to get out of the “hamster wheel” of everyday life. Research shows that 95% of the population agree they would like to exercise more. Yet only 15% do. Why is this? Because the options on offer are not suitable or the access barriers are simply too high. In my opinion, playfit® is moving things in the right direction, offering visually appealing equipment outdoors that is easy and intuitive to use. From basic workouts for couch potatoes of all ages to performance training for professional athletes: anything is possible.”

Gmunden, March 2016

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