trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Balancierstrecke, trainierender Mann
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Balancierstrecke, trainierender Mann
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Balancierstrecke, trainierender Mann
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Balancierstrecke, trainierender Mann
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Photo collage of the BALANCE-PARCOURS, 7 different photos with sections of the equipment and people exercising on it


The playfit® Balance-Parcours is an enjoyable and attractive form of balance-training also for improving reaction skills.

Balancing along the three lengths of varying difficulty is great fun so everyone wants to have a go!


Piktogramm der Balancierstrecke mit Mann

For whom is the playfit® Balance-Parcours suitable?

For outdoor-gyms, balancing exercises can be particularly suitable as all age groups can benefit from this type of balancing trail.

There are three different levels of difficulty allowing both sport-orientated and less experienced users to try out different types of balancing options.

What are the advantages of playfit® balancing equipment?

This piece of equipment allows users with different individual abilities to carry out a challenging exercise program.

There are three different levels of difficulty – one on each segment.

The high fun factor and the fact that three people can practice on the equipment at the same time also help to promote social interaction and communication.


Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Vorne) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training auf der Balancierstrecke aktiviert werden

The balance course trains concentration, coordination and balance and helps to prevent falls:
Training on this outdoor sports equipment improves coordination skills quickly and effectively.

This is particularly effective for coordinating head-and-body movement. The ability to couple, which coordinates partial movements of the trunk and head with each other, is trained here, as is the ability to differentiate.

The three different balancing routes allow an extremely high level of fine-tuning of individual movements to be achieved. In addition to the sense of balance, the ability to react is also trained.

Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Hinten) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training auf der Balancierstrecke aktiviert werden

Further training effects

  • Activation and strengthening of the deep muscles
  • Strengthening of core, foot and leg muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Loosening of tense muscles
  • Stabilisation of the supporting joints and spine

Structure of the device

The outdoor balancing course consists of:

  • 3 balancing segments
  • 2 parallel handle segments, each with a length of 4 metres
seitliches Foto der Balancierstrecke auf einem Rasen vor einem Maschendrahtzaun

Fixed balance beam

The outdoor balance beam is firmly embedded in concrete. The 86 mm wide balancing section has an anti-slip surface made of stainless-steel tear plate.

Movable balance beam

The wobbly balance beam for outdoors is mounted on two Eibach spring units and firmly anchored in the ground. The 276 mm wide tread surface has a durable and non-slip surface made of stainless-steel tear plate.

Slack rope

A 3-link balancing rope system is mounted and tensioned between two ground-founded posts with platforms. The platforms have a tread area of 650 mm x 356 mm with a non-slip surface made of stainless steel tear plate. The rope system consists of 3 pieces of Ø 16 mm ropes made of Hercules rope with a steel core which are connected as a fixed unit.

In contrast to popular types of slacklines which you can stretch over a length of 10 metres, the balancing line is only 4 metres long which means that you will find the rope system much less flexible. The design of the slack rope itself gives you a more secure footing compared to a conventional slackline.

So you can train on the slack rope of the balancing course as an introduction to the even more challenging 10 metre slackline. For support, you can hold on to the handrail on both sides at any time during practicing.

buntes Piktogramm Collage der Balancierstrecke


Instructions for use

The balancing facility consists of three different balancing segments, parallel to each other and 4 metres in length with different levels of difficulty.

Balance over the fixed beam, the movable beam or the slackline, depending on the desired level of difficulty or personal ability. Support yourself on the handrail if necessary. Change directions when reaching the end of a segment.

sonniges Foto der Balancierstrecke in einem Park

Fixed stainless-steel beam

  • on this beam you can easily practice balancing over a distance of 4 metres

Movable stainless-steel beam

  • requires additional balancing skill
  • balancing requires extreme concentration, dexterity and body-tension

Slack rope

  • promotes the sense of balance
  • the slack rope tests the limits of your individual sensorimotor skills continuosly

Training Tips

If you want to train seriously, for every training session we recommend that you pass each of the three balancing segments 2-3 times in both directions.

For more variety, you can try out different variations e.g. balance forwards, backwards or sideways.


Is there a maximum user weight?

The balancing system can be used by three people (one person per balancing segment). The individual balancing segments are designed and certified for a maximum body weight of 120 kg per person.

Is a combination of slack rope and balance beam possible?

If you have any special requirements, please contact us at or by telephone on +49 (0)40 3750 3519.

Is special footwear required to pass the balancing course?

We recommend sturdy sports shoes for walking along the balancing trail.

3 D Bild der Balancierstrecke

Product Information

Model No.JS-0258D
Maximum number of users3
Maximum user weight120 kg per Person
User groupBody height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630)
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS)
ColourPlastic components “Ruby red” (RAL 3003) – other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)4650 mm x 2381 mm
Height above ground surface1254 mm
Free height of fall353 mm (Height of balancing equipment)
Movement space (L x W x H)7650 mm x 5381 mm x 2553 mm

Similar equipment

In addition to the balancing course, other playfit® outdoor sports equipment is available focusing on coordination/balance, e.g. the playfit® balance trainer or the playfit® Slackline and the playfit® Motofit.

Balance Trainer
Balance Trainer

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be most happy to recommend an optimal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration any specific customer requirements.