trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Gleichgewichtstrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Gleichgewichtstrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Gleichgewichtstrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Gleichgewichtstrainer, trainierende Frau
roter Balken mit der Seitenüberschrift Gleichgewichtstrainer / Balancetrainer


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Bunte Fotocollage mit Ausschnitten des Gleichgewichtstrainers und trainierenden Menschen die verschiedene Übungen auf dem ihm ausführen


Why are balance exercises so important?

Without a good sense of balance, your body will quickly lose its balance. Balance training helps you to strengthen your deep muscles and motor skills and prevent falls, especially in old age.


For whom is the playfit® Balance Trainer suitable?

With a wide range of exercise variations and different levels of difficulty, this outdoor sports equipment offers suitable training options for lots of different types of users.

An important safety feature is a support rail to hold onto which is installed around the “wobble plate” as an additional aid for getting on and off and, if required, during the exercise.


As opposed to well-known types of balance trainers such as teeter boards, springboards or balance boards, the support rail on three sides of the standing plate is an additional safety feature for climbing onto or off the equipment.

Compared to balance trainers with chains attached to a moving plate, the playfit® Balance Trainer allows calmer and smoother exercise sequences.

If required, a user who is unsteady on his feet can also hold on to the rail during the balance exercise itself.


Here you can find the workout video for the playfit® Balance Trainer
– We are currently working on the English Version

  • Preparation (Vorbereitung)
  • Exercises – Basic (Übungen – Leicht)
  • Exercises – Intermediate (Übungen – Mittel)
  • Exercises – Advanced (Übungen – Schwer)


Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Vorne) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training mit dem Gleichgewichtstrainer aktiviert werden

Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Hinten) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training mit dem Gleichgewichtstrainer aktiviert werden

This balance training improves body coordination, trains the small stabilising deep muscles and is beneficial to general muscle strength.

The versatile training effect of the playfit® Balance Trainer in detail:

  • Strengthens the muscles of the torso, feet and legs
  • Activation and strengthening of the stabilising deep muscles
  • Improves overall physical stability and joint stability
  • Loosening tense muscles
  • Promoting the interaction of sensory organs and muscles
  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Posture improvement
  • Improves reaction times and also benefits orientation

Last but not least, this type of coordination training can have a positive influence on one’s sense of psychological well-being and cognitive development.


Foto des Gleichgewichtstrainers auf einer schönen grünen Rasenfläche. Von der Seite aufgenommen sieht man das Gerät in voller Pracht

The balance trainer consists of two components that form a fixed unit:

Wobble Plate:

Standing surface with a non-slip surface made of a stainless-steel tear plate mounted on an Eibach spring system and set in a concrete foundation.


Stainless-steel handle support positioned on three sides around the base also set in a concrete foundation.


The playfit® Balance Trainer allows you to perform exercise variations on a compact balancing element but on the 4 m long balance-parcours you train on a fixed beam, a movable beam or a slackline, depending on the desired level of difficulty.

The playfit® Balance-Parcours can be used by three people at the same time (one person per balancing element) as opposed to the playfit® Balance Trainer with only one user position.

However, the space required, including safety areas, for the installation of the balance-parcours is around 3 times larger than for the balance trainer.

Individual Training

Instructions for using the device

Hold on to the handle support of the balance trainer and stand with both feet shoulder-width apart on the footplate. Shift your weight to the right and left or forwards and backwards.
If you feel confident enough, release your hands from the handle frame. Experienced users stand on one leg in the centre of the balancing-plate and keep their balance without supporting themselves with their hands. Then shift your weight to the right and left or forwards and backwards. Change to the other leg.

What exercise options are there?

You can achieve an increase on this training device as follows: Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart on the standing surface and perform squats without holding on to the handle frame.
If you feel confident, perform this exercise on one leg. Change your standing leg. Try to do 5 – 10 squats per position.

Recommended duration of training sessions on this equipment

Basically, train for as long as you enjoy it and feel good. We recommend a duration of around 60 seconds for each exercise unit or position.


What should I bear in mind when using the balance trainer?

Before starting balance training, you should warm up, e.g. with a short workout on the playfit® Elliptical or playfit® Walker or, if no outdoor endurance equipment is available, with a brisk walking session.

Can I combine training equipment for balance and coordination?

A useful combination with the balance trainer or the balancing course is the dexterity tower, which you can use to train your hand-eye coordination.


Model No.JS-6014D
Maximum number of users1
Maximum user weight120 kg
User groupBody height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630)
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS) 
ColourPlastic components “Ruby red” (RAL 3003) – other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)768 mm x 638 mm
Height above ground surface1407 mm
Free heigth of fall303 mm
Movement space (L x W x H)3770 mm x 3640 mm x 2503 mm

Similar Equipment

In addition to the balance trainer, you can find other exercise equipment focussing on coordination/balance training, e.g. the playfit® Slackline and the playfit® Motofit for eye-hand coordination.


Additional Equipment

For endurance e.g. the playfit® Sit and Row or the playfit® Sit and Cycle, are ideal for warming up before training on the balance trainer.

Sit and Row
Sit and Row
Sit and Cycle
Sit and Cycle

If you also want to train your muscle strength, we recommend the playfit® Horizontal Bar, which you can also use for stretch exercises at the end of your workout.


If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to recommend an optimal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration specific customer requirements.