trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Duplex Schultertrainer, zwei trainierende Männer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Duplex Schultertrainer, zwei trainierende Männer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Duplex Schultertrainer, zwei trainierende Männer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Duplex Schultertrainer, zwei trainierende Männer


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Colourful photo collage with sections of the Duplex Shoulder Trainer and people exercising on the shoulder trainer.

Barrier-free training with the Duplex shoulder trainer

The wheelchair-friendly version of the shoulder trainer is an exercise device for outdoor use that has been developed on the basis of sports and training science and is ergonomically designed on one side for use by wheelchair and walking frame users.

Alone or in pairs, the apparatus-supported movement control guarantees relaxed shoulder training with a soothing massage effect on the palms of the hands.


Pictogram of the Duplex Shoulder Trainer with a woman exercising on it.

Ideal installation locations for the playfit® Duplex Taiji Massage Machine are those where the planning specifications stipulate that the exercise programme must be barrier-free:

  • Municipal parks
  • Residential neighbourhoods
  • health resorts
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotel complexes and leisure parks

For whom is the playfit® Duplex Taiji Massage Machine suitable?

The Duplex shoulder trainer for outdoor use is suitable for people of all ages with or without training experience.

This piece of sports equipment is very interesting for wheelchair users or people who use a walking frame to get around. The heights of the massage discs on the lower user side are designed so that ergonomically adapted training is possible when sitting in a wheelchair or on a walking frame.

Athletes also use this fitness equipment: the further away you stand from the rotating discs, the more you can get into a push-up position – a real challenge on rotating discs. On the lower training side, the exercise becomes even more strenuous as more weight presses on the shoulder muscles. The lighter exercises on the duplex shoulder trainer (outdoor) are also suitable for the cool-down phase.

Workout Video

Here you can find the workout video for the playfit® Duplex Taiji Massage Machine
We are currently working on the English Version

  • Preparation (Vorbereitung)
  • Exercises – Basic (Übungen – Leicht)
  • Exercises – Intermediate (Übungen – Mittel)
  • Exercises – Advanced (Übungen – Schwer)

Training effect & training goals

Animated gif file of a male body (from the front) showing which muscles are activated during training with the Duplex Shoulder Trainer

The circular movement of the arms improves mobility in the shoulder girdle and trains the fine motor skills of the arms and hands.

Light pressure on the massage discs massages the palms of the hands. The exercise option of varying the rotating movement in different directions trains coordination and balance.

Animated gif file of a male body (from behind) showing which muscles are activated during training with the Duplex Shoulder Trainer

Alternative training effect and Far Eastern approach

This shoulder training programme focuses on acupressure and movement. The massage nubs on the rotating discs massage all the acupuncture points on the palms of the hands. The round, circular movements of the arms and shoulders primarily stimulate the lung and large intestine meridians, but also the cardiovascular system and the triple warmer.

In summary, vitality and metabolism are increased, many blockages are released, breathing becomes calmer and can unfold more freely. Mind and soul relax in the flowing movement.

Advantages of the outdoor shoulder trainer

  • User-friendliness for wheelchair and walking frame users
  • Wide range of applications: sporty and sedentary people as well as old and young people
  • Highly challenging thanks to aesthetic design
  • When used by two people, the training is very conducive to communication
  • Massage device with an immediate feel-good effect
  • Free choice of flooring around the device
  • No restrictions regarding the maximum person weight
  • Completely pre-assembled delivery

Colourful picture collage with the shoulder trainer in 3D and as a pictogram with two men, one sitting in a wheelchair. The Duplex shoulder trainer is an inclusive sports device

Instruction for Use

Stand in front of the two massage discs with a slight lunge and slightly bent knees. Place one hand on the right disc and one on the left disc. Your elbows should be pointing downwards

Rotate the discs with light pressure in the same or opposite direction. Let your body swing with the discs. Slide your hands over the nubs of the massage discs and feel the pleasant massage effect through your hand movements.

Increase your distance from the massage discs by taking small steps backwards. Now perform the circular movements as described above and feel the tension throughout your body.

Beautiful photo of the Duplex shoulder trainer. It stands in a park with a beautiful old white villa in the background.

Special exercises

Variation 1
‘Circular movement – squat’

Turn both discs in a circle in the same direction. Slightly bend your knees when your hands turn downwards and straighten your body again when your hands turn upwards.

Variation 2
‘Circular movement with one arm’

Stand sideways at right angles to a massage disc and turn the disc backwards in a circle with one hand. Change the direction and side of the movement.

Training duration

Exercise for as long as you enjoy it and feel good. For a long-lasting training effect, we recommend a training duration of 5 – 10 minutes.


Can the level of difficulty of the Duplex Shoulder Trainer be customised?

There are no adjustable resistance levels on the device itself, which are not recommended for unsupervised outdoor use.

At what height are the rotating discs on the Duplex shoulder trainer?

The turntables of the Duplex shoulder trainer are mounted at different heights on the user sides.
For standing use on the higher side:
Height lower edge of massage turntable: 1.044 m
Height of upper edge of massage turntable: 1.484 m

For the lower side, which is also suitable for seated use:
Height lower edge of massage turntable: 0.8 m
Height of upper edge of massage turntable: 1.23 m

What should I bear in mind when using the Duplex Shoulder Trainer?

When performing the exercise, make sure your knees are slightly bent and your shoulders are relaxed.

3 D pictogram of the Duplex shoulder trainer


Model No.JS-0285C
Maximum number of users2
Maximum user weightNot applicable
User groupBody height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630)
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS)
ColourPlastic components „Ruby red“ (RAL 3003) – other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)1365 mm x 1049 mm
Height above ground surface1484 mm
Free height of fall0 mm
Movement space (L x W x H)4370 mm x 4050 mm x 2200 mm

Similar equipment

In addition to the Duplex Shoulder Trainer for outdoor use, you will find other training equipment focussing on mobility, which can also be used by wheelchair users, such as the playfit® Drive In and Turn, the Duplex Twister Outdoor and the Arm Cycle focussing on endurance and mobility.

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Additional Equipment

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be most happy to recommend an optimal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration any specific customer requirements.