trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Slalomtrainer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Slalomtrainer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Slalomtrainer
trainierende Frau, Fitnessgerät Slalomtrainer
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Colourful photo collage with sections of the slalom trainer and people doing exercises on the slalom trainer.

Slalom trainer – The right fitness equipment for holistic body movement

The lateral abdominal and hip muscles are often overlooked muscle groups in the human body, although they contribute to smooth body movement and healthy posture. The Slalom Trainer activates precisely these muscle groups in a pleasant and playful way.


Pictogram of the slalom trainer with a man training on it and an arrow underneath indicating the direction of movement.

The slalom trainer promotes both mobility and coordination and is an important piece of training equipment for any all-round fitnesspark.

This fitness equipment should be used for preventative training to ensure mobility in old age or to promote coordination as part of other sports exercises.

For whom is the playfit® Slalom Trainer suitable?

As the entry level is low, the Slalom Trainer is suitable for beginners – but by adjusting the training duration and speed of the swing, even experienced users will find a new challenge.


Animated gif file of a male body (from the front) in which you can see which muscles are activated during training with the slalom trainer

The slalom trainer mobilises the lateral trunk and abdominal muscles in a simple and fun way, and also trains the leg muscles.

At the same time, the slalom trainer helps to improve the mobility of the lateral upper body, hips and legs.

Animated gif file of a male body (from behind) showing which muscles are activated during training with the slalom trainer

Getting and staying in shape requires coordination skills, which can be improved by regularly repeating the training sessions.


  • Training on the slalom trainer promotes a form of mobility that is often neglected in everyday movements. The training device mobilises muscle groups in the side of the upper body that are less developed and trained in many people.
  • The handlebar and the non-slip tread surface provide the necessary safety and stability during the training session.

Colourful picture collage with the slalom trainer in 3D and as a pictogram with a man

Individual training

Training duration

You can choose the duration of the training session as you wish, although we recommend two to three minutes per session to start with.

Photo of the slalom trainer in sunny weather, with a man training on the slalom trainer with a smile on his face.

Instructions for use

  • Hold on to the handlebar with both hands, place your feet shoulder-width apart on the standing surface and bend your knees slightly.
  • Swing your lower body to the left and right. Keep your head and upper body upright and facing forwards towards the bar during the exercise.
  • Perform the exercise slowly and evenly.

Increasing the level of difficulty

You can increase the level of difficulty by putting your legs together and bending your knees slightly. You can adjust the speed and training time to further increase your performance. Keep your abdominal muscles tensed.


Is the slalom trainer suitable for warming up?

Thanks to the gentle movement sequence and the freely selectable speed, the Slalom Trainer is ideal for warming up, especially as the hip and abdominal muscles are activated, which is not the case with some classic warm-up exercises.

Does the slalom trainer have a maximum user weight for outdoor use?

The Slalom Trainer fitness equipment has been tested by TÜV Süd for a maximum person weight of 150 kg and certified on the basis of the EN 16630:2015 safety standard for stationary outdoor fitness equipment.

How often should the Slalom Trainer be used to maximise training success?

To give your body enough time to regenerate, you should do two to three training sessions a week.

3 D pictogram of the slalom trainer


Model No.JS-0264D
Maximum number of users1
Maximum user weight150 kg
User groupBody height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630) 
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS)
ColourPlastic components „Ruby red“ (RAL 3003) – other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)1318 mm x 748 mm
Height above ground surface1280 mm
Free height of fall546 mm
Movement space (L x W x H)5342 mm x 3748 mm x 2746 mm

Similar Equipment

In addition to the Slalom Trainer, playfit® also offers other outdoor sports equipment that trains mobility in particular, such as the playfit® Twister Outdoor, Happy Big Wheel Outdoor and the Taiji Massage Machine Outdoor.

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Additional Equipment

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to recommend an optimal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration any specific customer requirements.