trainierender Mann, Fitnessgerät Rudertrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierender Mann, Fitnessgerät Rudertrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierender Mann, Fitnessgerät Rudertrainer, trainierende Frau
trainierender Mann, Fitnessgerät Rudertrainer, trainierende Frau
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Bunte Fotocollage mit Ausschnitten des Rudertrainers und trainierenden Menschen die verschiedene Übungen auf dem Rudertrainer ausführen


Experts have long agreed that training on a rowing machine is the perfect workout to improve the cardiovascular system and physical fitness in general while, at the same time, strengthening the core muscles.


The playfit® Sit and Row stimulates a variety of muscle groups and is therefore ideal for professional outdoor fitness training.

The modern design in matt polished stainless steel with a pleasant surface feel is not only a real eye-catcher but is also robust and required practically no maintenance thanks to high-quality of its workmanship. This guarantees you a long service life and low operating costs.


Schönes Foto des Rudertrainers, eingebaut ist der auf einer Fläche mit groben Steinen


The playfit® Sit and Row for outdoor use is suitable for a wide variety of locations:

  • public parks
  • sport facilities & clubs
  • residential complexes
  • rehabilitation clinics
  • recreational facilities
  • wellness hotels
  • company premises


The rowing trainer is easy to use and exercises many muscle groups simultaneously. The holistic training activates around 80% of the muscles and is easy on the joints. With the rowing ergometer you can train for both strength and endurance.

Piktogramm des Rudertrainers mit einem Nutzer. Zu sehen ist auch, die mit einem Pfeil eingezeichnete, Bewegungsrichtung

For whom is the playfit® Sit and Row suitable?

The outdoor rowing machine is suitable for people of all ages. Athletes as well as people who are reluctant to exercise can enjoy the harmonious sequence of movement which the playfit® Sit and Row con provide out-of-doors.

Your own body weight provides the resistance on this training device so that it is easy on the joints regardless of your personal training level.


Here you can find the workout video for the playfit® Sit and Row
– We are currently working on the English Version

  • Preparation (Vorbereitung)
  • Exercises – Basic (Übungen – Leicht)
  • Exercises – Intermediate (Übungen – Mittel)
  • Exercises – Advanced (Übungen – Schwer)


Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Vorne) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training mit dem Rudertrainer aktiviert werden

Animierte gif Datei eines männlichen Körpers (von Hinten) in dem zu sehen ist welche Muskel beim Training mit dem Rudertrainer aktiviert werden

Training results

Training on the outdoor rowing machine can promote strength, endurance and body flexibility with positive effects on your health:

  • Improvement of vital functions
  • Strengthening leg, arm and trunk muscles
  • Fall prevention through mobilization and stabilization of the entire body

The affected muscle groups

Rowing strengthens, tones and defines your upper body. During the rowing movement, the pulling resistance strengthens shoulder muscles, upper-back and arms in particular.

It is also possible to vitalize the lower body by stretching the lower back and the back thigh muscles in a forward direction.


Which exercises can be performed with the playfit® Sit and Row?

  • Sit on the seat of the rowing trainer and place your feet on the foot bars.
  • Grasp the support bar with your hands and “row”.
  • Make sure that you do not fully extend your legs.
  • Perform the exercise slowly and evenly at first.
  • Enjoy the slight stretching of your entire body in a harmonious sequence of movements.


The duration of the training session can be chosen at will, but initially a training session of 5 – 10 minutes is recommended. Speed and duration of the exercise can be increased to improve performance.

Try to keep your abdominal muscles tensed.

bunte Bildcollage mit dem Rudertrainer in 3 D und als Piktogramm mit einem Mann


Is the outdoor rowing machine suitable for all body sizes?

The rowing trainer is certified in accordance with the EN 16630 safety standard for stationary outdoor fitness equipment and is intended for people taller than 140 cm.

Are there individual setting options for the device?

To avoid overexertion during training you train with your own body weight on our outdoor equipment. For this reason there are no individual adjustment options on our rowing machine. Experience has shown that adjustable features on equipment in outdoor public spaces can get clogged up with dirt and sand and other materials and get jammed and are also prone to vandalism and may generally require more servicing and repair.

Are there any special requirements for the surface before the outdoor rowing machine is set up?

Our outdoor rowing-unit is supplied completely pre-assembled. While foundations are required, installation is very straightforward and for this piece of equipment there are no particular requirements for surface materials and it is possible to use concrete, stone, grass, topsoil, water-bound surface, sand, gravel, wood chips or synthetic fall protection material.

3 D Piktogramm des Rudertrainers

Product Information

Model No.JS-0541D
Maximum number of users1
Maximum user weight120 kg
User groupBody height greater than 140 cm (EN 16630)
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS)
ColourPlastic components „Ruby red“ (RAL 3003)
– other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)1452 mm x 1016 mm
Height above ground surface1050 mm
Free height of fall674 mm
Movement space (L x W x H)4452 mm x 4016 mm x 2174 mm

Similar Equipment

In addition to the Sit and Row, at playfit® we also supply other outdoor sports equipment with a focusing on endurance training. For example, the playfit® Rider or the playfit® Elliptical outdoor:


Other playfit® Equipment

Other endurance equipment which, in contrast to the rowing trainer, mainly trains the lower body includes the playfit® Walker or the playfit® Sit and Cycle.

Sit and Cycle
Sit and Cycle

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment which is combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to recommend an ideal combination based on sports-science based fitness-training schedules taking into consideration specific customer requirements at the same time.