trainierende Frau mit Hund, Fitnessgerät Sitzfahrrad, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau mit Hund, Fitnessgerät Sitzfahrrad, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau mit Hund, Fitnessgerät Sitzfahrrad, trainierende Frau
trainierende Frau mit Hund, Fitnessgerät Sitzfahrrad, trainierende Frau
roter Balken mit der Seitenüberschrift Sitzfahrrad / Sit and Cycle


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Bunte Fotocollage mit Ausschnitten des Sitzfahrrads und trainierenden Menschen die auf dem Sitzfahrrad trainieren.


The playfit® Sit & Cycle model is an excellent way to improve stamina and is easy on your joints at the same time. Body weight is supported by the seat and the exercise is focused on your leg-muscles. The movements are fluid, easy to carry-out and control and the level of intensity can be dosed according to individual preference.

Outdoor Sit and Cycle – Areas of application

Zwei Frauen vor der playfit Hauptzentrale in Hamburg. Eine trainiert gerade und die andere steht hinter ihr und hält einen Regenschirm über sie. Auch bei Schietwetter kann man trainieren.

The playfit® model Sit and Cycle is suitable for installation in the following types of locations:

  • public parks
  • residential complexes
  • rehabilitation and treatment clinics
  • recreational facilities
  • retirement homes
  • wellness hotels
  • on company premises

Our playfit® equipment is corrosion-resistant and durable, making it easy to maintain and service and, as such, is very economical to operate in the long-run. Two units placed next to each might even encourage joint training sessions – for gentle endurance exercises and/or strength training together with friends and acquaintances.


Piktogramm mit Sitzfahrrad und einem Mann der gerade auf dem Sitzfahrrad sitzt.

This piece of equipment is very attractive and easy to use – just sit down and start pedalling. This is particularly motivating for people who are not keen on exercising or don’t exercise often to try it out.

Our ergometer offers endurance training that is easy on the joints, as the body weight is supported by the seat.
A backrest supports the back. This protects the spine and relieves the back muscles.

For additional security, users can hold on to the handles mounted on each side of the seat. And, because you are seated, you might even like to read a book while exercising. The exercise is simple and easy to control. This allows the training intensity to be ideally regulated.


Here you can find the workout video for the playfit® Sit and Cycle:
– We are currently working on the English Version

  • Preparation (Vorbereitung)
  • Exercises – Basic (Übungen – Leicht)
  • Exercises – Intermediate (Übungen – Mittel)
  • Exercises – Advanced (Übungen – Schwer)

Training effect & training goals

Muskelmann Animation (vorne), mit den jeweils bei Nutzung des Sitzfahrrads, benutzten Muskelbereichen.

  • Gently strengthens the thigh, gluteal and calf muscles without putting any strain on the joints
  • Improves stamina and vitality
  • Improves the mobility of hip, knee and ankle joints

Muskelmann Animation (hinten), mit den jeweils bei Nutzung des Sitzfahrrads, benutzten Muskelbereichen.

For whom is the playfit® Sit and Cycle suitable?

Perspektivisches Foto des Sitzfahrrads

The attractive outdoor seated bike is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. It is particularly interesting for people who want to do some relaxed exercise and build up or maintain their basic fitness, for example:

  • Occasional athletes
  • Seniors
  • Fitness beginners
  • Children
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Office workers

The simple and steady movement sequence strengthens the cardiovascular system and requires no particular prior level of fitness.


Get seated, lean back and hold onto the handgrips. Place your feet on the pedals and start turning them, moving your legs forwards and backwards in even and steady cycles.

As the body weight is supported by the seat, the exercise is focussed entirely on the leg muscles. Carry out this exercise slowly and steadily.

For improved endurance, increase the speed and the duration of your training sessions. Try to keep your abdominal muscles tensed. Avoid overexertion. Download your training programme for the recumbent bike directly and keep it to hand.

bunte Bildcollage mit dem Sitzfahrrad in 3 D und als Piktogramm mit einem Mann


Due to its low resistance, the outdoor recumbent bike is not primarily suitable for high-performance training. For such exercises we recommend the playfit® Elliptical or the playfit® Sit and Row machines for strength and endurance training of the upper body as an alternative recumbent bike.


What is the maximum load capacity of the Sit and Row?

The outdoor recumbent bike is designed and certified for a maximum user weight of 150 kg.

Can the outdoor Sit and Row be individually adjusted to the rider’s height?

There are no adjustment devices for the recumbent bike to suit individual body sizes. In general, adjustment of outdoor equipment with movable parts installed in public spaces is not adviseable as the mechanisms can get clogged up with dirt or leaves and become stuck or difficult to adjust.
Based on DIN EN 16630, the training device is intended for users who are 140 cm or taller. Experience shows that even people up to a height of 190 cm can train optimally on the seated bike.

What is the average calorie consumption during a training session?

Among the cardio machines, a recumbent bike is the one that burns the fewest calories. No reliable figures are available for this training device. However, the recumbent bike is an ideal way for very overweight people to start training, as the strain on the joints is very low.

Product Information

Model No.JS-0555D
Maximum number of users1
Maximum user weight150 kg
User groupBody height greater than 140cm (EN 16630)
MaterialStainless-steel and plastic components (ABS)
ColourPlastic components „Ruby red“ (RAL 3003) and black – other colours on request
CertificationTested and certified according to EN 16630
Equipment dimensions (L x W)1324 mm x 600 mm
Height above ground surface980 mm
Free height of fall505 mm
Movement space (L x W x H)4324 mm x 3600 mm x 2005 mm

Similar Equipment

In addition to the outdoor recumbent bike, there is other outdoor sports equipment available which focusses on endurance training. For example, the playfit® Walker for gentle endurance training of the legs or the playfit® Armcycle for strength and endurance training for the arms.

Arm Cycle
Arm Cycle

Additional Equipment

If you require a set of outdoor-fitness equipment combined in such a way to allow a coordinated exercising schedule please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be most happy to recommend an ideal combination based on recommended fitness-training schedules and sports science while taking into consideration any specific customer requirements.